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Structural elements

A structure is an important constructive and aesthetical element in architecture. Every structure consists of supports (vertical elements) and loads (horizontal elements). The supports are: wall, pylon, pillar (architecture), column and arcade. The loads are: architrave, gable, ceiling, vault, roof and dome.

The structural elements are statically and technically necessary for a structure to stand. The architectural structures differ in the materials used, such as wood, concrete, iron, stone, brick etc. The material nature and function dictate the shape of the structure, but it is basically dependent on the resistance and gravity. The basic elements of any structure are:

  • the loads and
  • the supports

ALTAS is offering a highly specialized production of aluminium steel structures for various purposes, in line with the highest international standards of the low and high type. Aluminium is a light and strong material and it can be used for great spans. Aluminium structure is a system made of AL profiles, glass, hardware and sealants. We can offer a wide range of products: aluminium roof structures, lanterns, pergolas, eaves, stairs.

ROOF LANTERNS in well-developed facade glasses which can meet the requirements of good thermal insulation and sun protection, as well as good sealants, enable the increase in use and quality of the roof lanterns which can often offer a quality solution for the interiors in architecture. They provide a natural source of sunlight, a nice view, as well as natural ventilation, if able to open. Various supporting systems are used, which are most often dependent on the aesthetical demands of the architect or the investor, and which conform to the available options with respect to space and structure. They can be suspended, bracketed or classic, in which the glass panels are point-supported.