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The expansion of the global population and standard have almost exhausted the natural resources, which requires new strategies, among which a new motto - Energy2, for the facades that need to save and generate energy, with accompanying design, automated systems and improved safety techniques. Schüco is already making a significant contribution in this field with its innovations, while efficiently connecting thermal protection and solar technology. In addition to the optimal conditions for living, work and production, there are also requirements with respect to the design, safety and automation of the buildings in order to save energy and optimize the costs of use. The buildings which save and generate energy will make a significant contribution to the reduction of consumption, lower energy prices and better climate protection. Central topics within the area of design are the thermal insulation of windows and facades, as well as use of solar energy through Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic plants. Schüco has accepted these challenges and is already offering new efficient solutions in which Energy2 takes an important position.

Modern facades are increasingly fulfilling the functions with respect to energy efficiency, automation and safety, while the demands with respect to design are growing as well. Whether it is about the integration of engine-powered and controlled devices into particularly thin steel and aluminium profiles or harmonious shaping the sun protection panels, Schüco offers balanced design with optimal harmony between the shape, functionality and surface. The questions of functionality and design are central for all Schüco products, as all new elements must conform to the existing parts of the facade. Schüco design connects sophisticated surfaces and sovereign shapes with innovative technologies. They are a guarantee of stable design and follow the efforts of architects in terms of shaping.

In addition to the long life and simple use of all products, the solutions of the Schüco company have some supplementary values as well. Their combination of thermal insulation, solar technology, automation, safety and design show that facades are gaining increasingly versatile applications and benefits. This is provided by Energy2, which is already offering proven solutions for the future when it comes to including new, energetically relevant, safe and easily operated system components.